Mid Term Elections are critical to prevent Obstruction by DNC

Conservative voters – Now is the time to influence these candidates to properly represent your adopted Policy Agenda in the Senate and Congress.

Contractually would be ideal and it will be possible in the future to guarantee that We the People  are properly represented by those we elect to serve us.

The following list of Senators, both Republican and Democrat has identified which Senators truly represent their Voters. NOT ONE Single traitor to their voters amongst Democrat Senators – BUT not the same story for Republican Senators.

It is time that the Conservatives of “We the People” selected members of Congress who support our adopted Policy.

This is THE LIST that will help you the voter decide from whom you need to obtain Voting commitment letter requiring your representative to vote for a minimum percentage of your adopted Policy Agenda – The Trump Policy Agenda that you voted for.

Here is a list of Candidates that emerge from the Primaries.


Indiana Senate – Mike Braun (R) vs Joe Donnelly (D) – Current Poll

Indiana House 1st – Mark Leyva (R) vs Peter J. Visclosky (D)
Indiana House 2nd – Jackie Walorski (R) vs Mel Hall (D)
Indiana House 3rd – Jim Banks (R) vs Courtney Tritch (D)
Indiana House 4th – Jim Baird (R) vs Tobi Beck (D)
Indiana House 5th – Susan W. Brooks (R) vs Dee Thornton (D)
Indiana House 6th – Greg Pence (R) vs Jeannine Lake (D)
Indiana House 7th – Wayne Harmon (R) vs André Carson (D)
Indiana House 8th – Larry Bucshon (R) vs William Tanoos (D)

Indiana House 9th – Trey Hollingsworth (R) – Liz Watson (D)

North Carolina

N. Carolina House 1st – Roger Allison (R) vs G.K. Butterfield (D)
N. Carolina House 2nd – George Holding (R) vs Linda Coleman (D)
N. Carolina House 3rd – Walter B. Jones (R) vs Linda Coleman (D)
N. Carolina House 4th – Steve Von Loor (R) vs David E. Price (D)
N. Carolina House 5th – Virginia Foxx (R) vs D.D. Adams (D)
N. Carolina House 6th – Mark Walker (R) vs Ryan Watts (D)
N. Carolina House 7th – David Rouzer (R) vs Kyle Horton (D)
N. Carolina House 8th – Richard Hudson (R) vs Frank McNeill (D)
N. Carolina House 9th – Mark Harris (R) vs Dan McCready (D)
N. Carolina House 10th – Patrick T. McHenry (R) vs David Brown (D)
N. Carolina House 11th – Mark Meadows (R) vs Phillip Price (D)
N. Carolina House 12th – Paul Wright (R) vs Alma Adams (D)
N. Carolina House 13th – Ted Budd (R) vs Kathy Manning (D)


Ohio Senate – Jim Renacci (R) vs Sherrod Brown (D) – Current Poll

Ohio House 1st – Steve Chabot (R) vs Aftab Pureval (D)
Ohio House 2nd – Brad Wenstrup (R) vs Jill Schiller (D)
Ohio House 3th – Jim Burgess (R) vs Joyce Beatty (D)
Ohio House 4th – Jim Jordan (R) vs Janet Garrett (D)
Ohio House 5th – Bob Latta (R) vs Michael Galbraith (D)
Ohio House 6th – Bill Johnson (R) vs Shawna Roberts (D)
Ohio House 7th – Bob Gibbs (R) vs Ken Harbaugh (D)
Ohio House 8th – Warren Davidson (R) vs Vanessa Enoch (D)
Ohio House 9th – Steven Kraus (R) vs Marcy Kaptur (D)
Ohio House 10th – Michael R. Turner (R) vs Theresa Gasper (D)
Ohio House 11th – Beverly Goldstein (R) vs Marcia L. Fudge (D)
Ohio House 12th – Troy Balderson (R) vs Danny O’Connor (D)
Ohio House 13th – Chris DePizzo (R) vs Tim Ryan (D)
Ohio House 14th – David Joyce (R) vs Betsy Rader (D)
Ohio House 15th – Steve Stivers (R) vs Rick Neal (D)
Ohio House 16th – Anthony Gonzalez (R) vs Susan Moran Palmer (D)

West Virginia

W. Virginia – Senate – Patrick Morrissey (R) vs Joe Manchin (D) – Current Poll

W. Virginia – House 1st – David McKinley (R) vs Kendra Fershee (D)
W. Virginia – House 2nd – Alex Mooney (R) vs Talley Sergent (D)
W. Virginia – House 3rd – Carol Miller (R) vs Richard Ojeda (D)

Now see how your selected Senate candidates are Polling against their Democrat opponents.


Our Veterans – Whose service has preserved our Freedom

Our veterans have preserved our Freedom throughout history.

Here are two recipients of the Medal of Honor in 2017


James McCloughan

An Army medic who “ran into danger” to save wounded soldiers during a Vietnam War battle despite his own serious wounds on Monday became the first Medal of Honor recipient under President Donald Trump, 48 years after the selfless acts for which James McCloughan is now nationally recognized.

McCloughan was a 23-year-old private first class and medic who in 1969 found himself in the middle of the raging Battle of Nui Yon Hill. McCloughan willingly entered the “kill zone” to rescue injured comrades despite his serious wounds from shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade.

In announcing the honor last month, the White House said McCloughan “voluntarily risked his life on nine separate occasions to rescue wounded and disoriented comrades. He suffered wounds from shrapnel and small arms fire on three separate occasions, but refused medical evacuation to stay with his unit, and continued to brave enemy fire to rescue, treat, and defend wounded Americans.”

The Award Ceremony

Gary Rose

Gary Rose

Sgt. Rose was serving as a Special Forces medic with a company-sized exploitation force consisting of Americans, Vietnamese and indigenous paramilitary Montagnard personnel that was inserted 70 kilometers inside enemy-controlled territory on Sept. 11, 1970.

Full details of Service

Our veterans are not treated with the respect and CARE that they deserve.

My family gave our Family home to care for Disabled Servicemen.



Donate what you can When you can.

2018 Republican Senator Elections

War has been Declared against the Betrayal of Conservative Voters by Republican Leadership

Mitch McConnell is suspected of being behind or at least participant to the attempted Character Assassination of Roy Moore as Alabama Senator.

Here is the Opportunity for Conservative Voters to fully reject the Republican Senators that have let down the Voters by voting with Liberal bias and NOT Conservative bias on many Issues.

Each Senator accused of betraying his/her voters will be linked to their voting record by a single link after their Name.



Jeff Flake – Voting Record  – Jeff has not convincingly left the Election race, leaving mixed messages over the last days  as to his future intentions.

Kelli Ward is so far ahead of Jeff Flake in this independent Poll, that his absolute resignation from the Election is all but certain.

It is questionable whether Kelli Ward will face a Primary or will face off her likely Democrat opponent with such recourse.  In the case of a Primary face-off, Kelli’s Republican opponent, Martha McSally will be the likely candidate.

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Arizona Senator below:-

In event of a Primary

Arizona Primary

On the assumption the Kelli Ward faces off her forecast Democrat opponent


Kyrsten Sinema is the most likely Democrat standing for Jeff Flake’s form Senate seat.
BUT Kyrsten Sinema 
holds many views that Conservative voters would deplore:-

  • Reduced Defence spending
  • Anti-Israel
  • Anti intelligence gathering by NSA
  • Anti Terrorism policy – Opposed to violence against Terrorists
  • Supports raising Taxes
  • Pro Abortion & Planned Parenthood
  • Anti deportation for illegal immigrants but supports Kate’s Law and Positive vetting of Immigrants

Conservative voters need to unite behind Kelli Ward


On the assumption that the final face-off is between John James Republican and Debbie Stabenow Democrat.

John James is a husband, father, combat veteran and businessman. He is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-business conservative who has demonstrated energetic leadership, clarity of vision and a passion for service from the battlefield to the boardroom. John James is a proven servant-leader who will represent all Michiganders and help unify Washington.

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Michigan Senator below:-


Debbie Stabenow typifies the worst of Democrat obstructionists in the Senate.
Vote her out of Politics

Debbie’s full Voting Record here



An addition is made to the choice of Republican Senate Candidate for the State of Mississipi.

Chris McDaniel is one selection to face off the Phony Conservative Senators currently NOT serving the interests of the Conservative Voters of Mississipi.

Vote OUT Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker

Mississipi Primary


On the assumption that the final face-off is between Josh Hawley Republican and Claire McCaskill Democrat

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Missouri Senator below:-



Danny Tarkanian is the Conservative Candidate, Bannon Approved, to take on the Liberal Voting Republican Dean Heller (Voting Record)

As a Conservative Voter who has voted for the Conservative Agenda of the President, you have the right to demand the Senator that receives your vote is obligated to vote for your Policy Agenda.



Josh Mandel is the Conservative Candidate confronting the sitting Senator, Rob Portman, whose voting record is an “F” for Failed.  Rob’s Voting Record



On the assumption that the final face-off is between Marsha Blackburn Republican and Phil Bredesen Democrat

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Tennessee Senator below:-



On the assumption that the final face-off is between Boyd Matheson Conservative Republican and Orrin Hatch –  Worst Grade “F” Voting record – Liberal Republican

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Utah Senator below:-



Conservative candidate Kevin Nicholson has been selected to stand against Liberal voting Republican Ron Johnson.  We know that the Wisconsin voters will support Kevin in the quest to ensure the the Republican Senate consists of pure Conservative Senators.



On the assumption that the final face-off is between Erik Prince Conservative Republican and John Barrasso –  Grade “F” Voting record – Liberal Republican

You are asked to record your vote for your preferred Wyoming Senator below:-


Voting Records of all Republican Senators

Republican Senators who have excessively sided with Liberal Issues (RINOs)

Vague accusations of Republican Senators as being RINOs is not enough for their voters to decide to re-elect them or NOT.

Firstly, as a Republican Voter, you have voted to elect President Trump.

The President has not been supported by a large number of Senators who have time after time blocked legislation that has passed through Congress.

The Senators  defence of their actions is to say that they do not agree with the President’s Policy Agenda.


The President’s Policy Agenda was voted for by YOU when you elected Donald Trump and therefore your Senate Representative is not properly representing you the Republican Voter.  In fact he or she is a traitor to You.

The Truth about Charlottesville

Did James Fields intend to commit a crime in Charlottesville?


This video disputes ALL those who rushed to suggest that this was an act of Terrorism.

If YouTube has taken down this video – here is an alt link.

YouTube have removed videos that objectively analysed the Charlottesville violence.

Jamie Fields was being threatened by a University Professor, Dwayne Dixon who was armed with an AR15 Assault Rifle before he was attacked by an Antifa crowd armed with baseball bats.

President Trump made a very reasoned criticism of both protest groups even before it was known that hard line liberals were PAID $25/hr + expenses to infiltrate the Unite the Right rally to protest against the removal of statues representing the history of the United States.

The Video reports from Faith Goldy tell the truth and the whole truth about Charlottesville from the middle of Anarchist thugs from Antifa & BLM who came to Charlottesville with violent intent, carrying Baseball bats and handguns.


If YouTube has taken down this video – here is an alt link.

Charlottesville Riots – The Analysis


But the Right wing extremists WERE Left wing Actors, dressed as White Extremists and KKK and were paid $25/hr to create violence apparently from the Unite the Right licensed demonstration.  The whole Charlottesville was staged.

There are well supported claims that a Crowd Funding Company
CROWDS ON DEMAND, 8484 Wilshire Boulevard, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Crowds on Demand in California has infiltrated both Crowds at Charlottesville, specifically to generate a violent interaction between the 2 sides.

We will not comment further on this topic until verification of this information has been made to our satisfaction.

Report of a Charlottesville Police Officer on duty in Emancipation Park during Unite the Right Rally.

Many sources in Charlottesville on the 12th August confirm that they were eye witnesses to the arrival of dozens of Protestor buses from which BOTH BLM and KKK protestors emerged.   There are absolutely NO circumstances when KKK and BLM protestors would travel on the same transport.

It is quite possible that in case of verification there will be widespread libel suits made against ALL mainstream media.


Google Search:- “Crowds on demand is looking for actors to act as trump supporters and take down liberal monuments. Email resume, social security number, address, and credit card info for further details”

Need conservative actors to take down liberal landmarks – talent gigs

2 days ago – Crowds on demand is looking for actors to act as trump supporters and take down liberal monumentsEmail resumesocial security numberaddress, and credit card info for further details. … post id: 6267628172. posted: about 12 hours agoemail to friend · ♥ bestof. No contact info? if the poster didn’t …

Craig’s List thread to hire actors to play Trump supporters and tear …

2 days ago – friend of mine in NC found this ad to hire actors to playTrump … LOL The ad asks for a resume and social security numberbefore revealing further details. … Email resumesocial security numberaddress, and credit card info for … for actors to act as trump supporters and take down liberal monuments.

Craig’s List thread to hire actors to play Trump supporters and tear …

2 days ago – Browse · Search · News/Activism … A friend of mine in NC found this ad to hire actors to play Trump supporters and tear down liberal monuments in … Or by mail to: Free Republic, LLC – PO Box 9771 – Fresno, CA … LOL The ad asks for a resume and social security number before revealing further details.

Why do the left have any rights to remove historical statues of American History.

There’s no reason for Charlottesville, Virginia, and other Southern cities to remove statues like that of Robert E. Lee as long as racist Democrats continue to be honored throughout the country, contends Dinesh D’Souza, author of the sensational historical expose “The Big Lie: Exposing The Nazi Roots Of The Far Left.”

Read more

Possible Military Option for Reciprocal Strike on North Korea B61-12

How to end the threat of North Korean Military & possibly effecting a simultaneous Regime change as a side effect.

150 x Smart Guided B61-12 delivered synchronously by stealth aircraft to targets across North Korea and detonated subterraneously.   The last feature provides up to 5 times the explosive power, simultaneously minimising collateral damage and maintaining fall out levels not significantly higher than medical radiation.

China to take 20m refugees and South Korea possibly without significant casualties.

Single co-ordinated strike destroys all key targets in North Korea –  Job done.

Stockpile of Tactical Nuclear Weapons



The B61 has been deployed by a variety of U.S. military aircraft. Aircraft cleared for its use have included the FB-111A, B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit, B-52 Stratofortress; F-101 Voodoo, F-100 D & F Super Sabre, F-104 Starfighter, F/A-18 Hornet, F-111 Aardvark and F-4 Phantom II fighter bombers; A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder and A-7 Corsair II attack aircraft; the F-15 Eagle[citation needed], F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16 Falcon; British, German and Italian Panavia TornadoIDS aircraft. USAFE and all NATO dual role aircraft can carry B61s. The Lockheed S-3 Viking was also able to deploy the B61 as a nuclear depth bomb.

The B61 can fit inside the F-22 Raptor’s weapons bays and will also be carried by the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.


The B61 is a family of five nuclear weapons (The B61-3, 4, 7, 10, and 11 – dubbed mods). The United States only deploys the B61-3 and 4 in Europe. The B61-3 has a dial-a-yield ranging from .3 to 170 kt, while the B61-4′s yield ranges from .3 – 50 kt. These weapons, because they are deployed in Europe and carried by fighter bombers, are dubbed to be strategic. (The range of the delivery vehicle matters for classification purposes)

The new weapon, dubbed the B61-12, will cannibalize  parts from all of the B61 mods and consolidate them into a new bomb. The new bomb will use the B61-4 explosive package, meaning that the future B61-12′s maximum yield will be 50 kt. Critically, the Department of Defense has mandated that the new bomb be able to perform all of the mission requirements assigned to the old mods. Therefore, it must be able to be used on the battle field (.3 kt yield), for bunkers (B61-11), and for strategic missions (Thus, designed for delivery by the B2 bomber, which is classified as a strategic delivery vehicle)requiring a larger yield (B61-7).  However, the United States has pledged not to build new nuclear weapons, nor to augment the capabilities of its current stockpile whilst undertaking a program to modernize and extend the life of its current stockpile. (For the record – I believe that the B61-12, especially when paired with the F-35 augments the bombs current capabilities).

Enter the guided tail kit. The new B61-12, in order to perform all of the previously allotted missions, will be outfitted with a guided tail kit – thus making the future bomb America’s first “smart” nuclear weapon. With underground detonation, this weapon reduces fallout to levels not too distant from medical x-ray equipment

The tail kit will allow mission planners to rely on the weapons accuracy, rather than a larger yield, to hold deeply buried targets at risk. NATO signed off on these changes in 2010 and the U.S. Department of Defense and National Nuclear Security Administration are busily trying to get this bomb out on time.



Video of B61-12

President Trump – First Year

Listen to the opinions of We the People


President Trump has had, in my opinion, the most successful first year of any president since Ronald Reagan. A totally new direction for America that creates optimism for a revived economy.

Below, I do my best to list these accomplishments, but there are so many, forgive me if a few are missed:

Now, you need to close your eyes and imagine what the list above would look like had #NeverTrump won the day and made Hillary Clinton president.

End of First Year

Now that we are a full year into President Trump’s increasingly consequential first term, it is long past time to give him complete ownership of the American economy.

Here are facts about President Trump’s economy that the media do not consider worth publishing:-

  1. Latino Unemployment Hits Record Low

What that means is that the unemployment rate for Latinos is the lowest … ever … in the 45-year history of government tracking.

What that means is the Latino unemployment rate has dropped to a mere 4.7 percent.

  1. Black Unemployment Rate Hits 17-Year Low

At 7.3 percent, the black unemployment rate still needs to improve, but not since hitting 7 percent in 2000 have things looked this good, most especially after nearly two decades of double-digit unemployment.

  1. Real Economic Growth

After an unexpectedly high growth rate of 3.3 percent in the third quarter of 2017 (and that is with two devastating hurricanes), projections for the fourth quarter have edged into the magic number of 4 percent.

  1. Soaring Economic Optimism

Optimism in the American economy breeds investor confidence and consumer spending, which, in turn, drives all the creation, manufacturing and shipping of products needed to fill those needs, which, in turn, gives us Boom Times. For the first time in more than a decade, a majority of Americans see our economy as “good or excellent.” A near record 41% believe 2018 will see an even better economy and their home values rise; 42% believe their wages will increase.

Perception is reality.

  1. Booming Stock Market

With millions of working and middle-class Americans invested in the stock market through various retirement accounts, every announcement of a new record rings like a cash register ringing in their hardworking ears.

While pushing long overdue corporate (and income) taxes through Congress, using whatever authority he can to unilaterally cut red tape, and the power of the bully pulpit to sell America and the American worker to the world, Trump’s tide is lifting all boats in ways the “experts” warned us was not possible.

  1. Unemployment Rate Hits 17-Year Low

America now enjoys an unemployment rate of just 4.1 percent, the lowest since 2000.

First 100 Days

In his first 100 days, President Donald J. Trump has taken bold action to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold government accountable. At an historic pace, this President has enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders than any other president in over a half century. With a focus on rebuilding the military, ending illegal immigration, and restoring confidence in our economy, the President is keeping his promises to the American people.

utube photo DJT

A must watch video – whether you are a supporter or not


Here is a list as published by CNN. (Clinton Network News) Who would have thought they would publish this list:-

Cutting regulations

  1. Energy Independence Executive Order
  2. Revocation Of Federal Contracting Executive Orders
  3. Reexamination Of CAFE Standards
  4. Review Of Waters Of The United States Rule
  5. Creation Of Regulatory Task Forces
  6. Eliminating Stream Protection Rule
  7. Eliminating Regulations On Extraction Companies
  8. One-In-Two-Out Regulation Reform
  9. Minimizing Affordable Care Act

Job creation

  1. Over 500,000 New Jobs
  2. Buy American, Hire American Pipeline
  3. Dakota Access Pipeline
  4. America First
  5. U.S. Material In Pipeline Construction
  6. Partnering With Private Sector
  7. Unemployment rate 4.3% u-3 and 8.4% U6
  8. Maine unemployment at 32 year low. The State dept of unemployment forced to lay off people because of lack of claims
  9. Black unemployment at a 17 year low in May at 7.5% per Bureau of Labor Statistics. (06/24/17)


  1. Withdrawal From The Trans-Pacific Partnership
  2. Trade Enforcement
  3. Comprehensive Reports On The Causes Of U.S. Trade Deficits
  4. $350+ billion deal with Saudi Arabia ($110 billion in arms $250 billion in trade/investment) creating 100,000’s of jobs in both countries, historic.
  5. Pulled out of PARIS ACCORD
  6. Had a major victory on sugar exports from Mexico. Made Mexico drop the exports % and the amount of refined sugar. Will help our sugar industry and the US sugar mills that produce refined sugar from raw sugar. Notified Congress of NAFTA renegotiation on May 18th. Talks can start 90 days later on Aug 16th, 2017
  7. China Trade deal opening up beef and LNG gas as well as giving a way to get 1 billion Chinese credit scores so the USA can offer them credit. Trade deal was done in record time.
  8. Sec Ross has slapped more than $2 billion in fines on China and Canada for illegal trade practices.
  9. the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reached agreement with Chinese officials on final details of a protocol to allow the U.S. to begin the beef exports to China (6/12/17). The first beef has been imported to China (06/30/17)  and Sec Predue cut and ate a USDA prime rib in China)
  10. REOPENING KORUS trade deal per Sarah Sanders press briefing on 06/30/17


  1. Federal Hiring Freeze
  2. New Ethics Commitments On Political Appointees

National Security

  1. Strike On Syrian Airfield
  2. Travel Restrictions On Select Countries
  3. New Iran Sanctions
  4. Defense Spending In Budget
  5. F-35 Cost Savings


  1. Immigration Enforcement, Including Constructing A Wall
  2. Sanctuary Cities Funding
  3. New Hiring To Enforce Immigration
  4. Prioritizing Criminal Immigration Enforcement And Hiring More
  5.  Authorized DHS to hire 10,000 ICE officers & 5,000 border patrol agents
  6. Ended “catch and release” policy
  7. ICE arrests up 40% as of May
  8. ICE arrests are 75% criminal illegals as of May
  9. Ice Arrests for non criminal illegals up 150% as of May due to sanctuary
    cities polices making Ice go to the home instead of the court houses
  10. 70%+ decrease in border crossings of illegal aliens in JAN, FEB, MAR, APR 64% down in MAY
  11. No Cuban refugees seen by Coast Guard in Apr first time in 7 years
  12. Open bidding and plans submitted for the WALL. Finalists selected,
    prototypes to be unveiled this summer per CBP official/Breitbart news.
  13. 6ft chain linked fences being replaced by 20ft hardened steel fencing at
  14. More than 1400 gang members have been arrested by ICE
  15. This year the U.S. has already deported 398 MS-13 gang members back to El Salvador – compared to only 534 for all of 2016
  16. Texas has passed a law outlawing sanctuary cities
  17. Foods stamp requests by ILLEGALS D O W N
  18. The Trump administration has moved to reopen the cases of hundreds of illegal immigrants who had been given a reprieve from deportation by Obama
  19. Per Sec Kelly Plans are to start building the WALL by end of summer.
  20. Travel ban EO cut refugees to 50,000. Has been blocked by courts so far.
  21. per Breitbart Sec Kelly has refused to expand H2-B visa program in FY 2017 Update 06/22/17 Sec Kelly will expand the H2-b visa program for a limited number of businesses that are in danger of failing and can’t find employment per Breitbart.
  22. Pres Trump Sec of DHS ended DAPA (06/16/17)
  23. Refugees dropped by half entering the USA in first three months of Pres Trump’s admin over Obama’s admin. (6/24/17 per Washington Times)
  24. Per Pres Trump 6,000 MS-13 gang members arrested in first 5 months
  25. Per Sec Kelly 66,000 mostly criminal illegals arrested by ICE in first 5
  26. Kate’s Law passed the House 06/29/17
  27. No Sanctuary Cities Law Passed the House (06/29/17)
  28. Illegal immigrant arrests in San Diego, Ca have more than doubled from 2016 and 2015 figures per the San Diego Union Tribune (07/04/17)
  29. In a reversal of Obama administration policy, federal prosecutors with Operation Streamline are filing criminal charges against migrants the first time they are caught crossing the border illegally. Per Tucson.com and Breitbart (07/05/17)
  30. Refugee Arrivals Plummet in Week After Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Executive Order per Breitbart and Department of State website (07/05/17)

Foreign Policy

  1. Secured a 34,000 Arab force to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria
  2. Sent 3 carrier battle groups to NK to pressure them on nuclear program, installed THADD in SK and Japan
  3. Working with China on NK
  4. Sent Navy to south China Sea to secure sea lines
  5. Fired 60 Tomahawks after a gas attack
  6. Got the G7 countries to agree that a nation has a right to control migration and immigration
  7. Had G7 countries agree NK was a threat
  8. Had G7 nations agree that Trade should be FAIR as well as FREE and that nations can punish non fair trade
  9. Had NATO agree to pay more and got more countries to pay their fair share of defense pact
  10. Have met with more than 100 of the world leaders many at the White House
  11. Pulled out of Paris Accord and freed the USA from the economic Slavery Obama sold us into
  12. Have surrounded ISIS in Iraq and Syria strongholds
  13. Have killed the ISIS commander in Afghanistan and reduced their strength by 2/3rd in Afghanistan
  14. Dropped the MOAB on ISIS killing more than 90 ISIS fighters
  15. First sitting POTUS to pray at the Western Wall
  16. Restarted peace process between Israel and PLO
  17. Visited the land of the three major religions in the world
  18. Opening of Global Data center to defeat radical Islam in cyberspace during Saudi Arabia visit. One orb to find them in the darkness and bind them.
  19. Gave powerful speech in the heart of Islam about the need to reform Islam and drive out the radicals
  20. Establishing a Global coalition to fight terror and drive out all the extremists in the world.
  21. Had G7 countries agree that refugees should stay as close as possible to home country and be returned when the threat is gone
  22. Got the Arab nations to cut ties to Qatar for funding terrorists. Massive historic shift in diplomatic actions in the Muslim world.
  23. Started the assault on Raqqa in Syria to defeat ISIS on June 6th 2017.
  24. Got Romania to up it’s NATO funding to 2.1% of GDP
  25. Has the Special Forces helping relieve siege in Philippines.
  26. Visiting Poland (07/05/16)
  27. Per Sec Tillerson. The PLO has stopped the payments to terrorists families. Major change in PLO policy.
  28. Pres Trump’s State department secured the release of American citizen Otto Warmbeir from NK without paying $400 million ransom
  29. Pres Trump admin secured the release of American citizen, Aya Hijazifor, from Egypt Jail without paying $400 million ransom.
  30. Obama appointed Ambassador to Qatar “quit” during the biggest Crisis in Qatar’s history. What was she hiding?
  31. Gave Sec Mattis authority to set troop numbers in Afghanistan to turn the tide of the war. 06/16/17 .
  32. Rolled back Obama’s Cuban policy. 06/16/17
  33. Canada promised to increase defense spending by 70% (06/16/17)
  34. Gulf Countries sent Qatar a list of demands to defund terrorism, reject the Muslim brother hood so Qatar can return to the fold, direct consequence of Pres Trump’s trip to the middle east. Qatar has since rejected these demands setting a possible military conflict (updated 06/30/17)
  35. NATO countries (excluding the US) increase defense spending by 4.3% from last year per daily mail and breitbart(06/30/17).
  36. Per Iraq military Mosul has fallen. ISIS no longer controls the city. Just a couple pockets of resistance left per independent (06/30/17)
  37. Imposed Sanctions on major China Bank for it’s funding of North Korea and has declared the admin will work to cut North Korea off from access to the US financial market. (06/29/17)
  38. approved a $1.42billion arms deal with Taiwan (07/02/17)
  39. Reached out by Twitter to offer help to save baby Charlie Gard (07/03/17) https://www.therebel.media/…
  40. The US ambassador to the UN threatens China and other countries who trade with North Korea with blockage from the USA market. (07/05/17)
  41. Pres Trump increases the threat to use of trade access to the US market to stop North Korea setting up a potential for a trade war with China (07/05/17)

Congressional and Executive action

  1.  Confirmed Gorsuch to SCOTUS
  2. Signed 39+ Laws so far
  3. Signed more than 30+ EO
  4. Reviewing the Obama land grabs
  5. Reviewing and repealing Obama’s regulations
  6. Obamacare repeal and replace passed House stuck in Senate
  7. Tax cuts and reform moving through Congress
  8. Submitted 2018 Budget that cuts spending and give a pathway to a balanced budget in 10 years.
  9. Returned power to make decisions on “transgender bathrooms” to states
  10. Instituted 5-year lobbying ban for all Executive branch appointees
  11. Instituted permanent lobbying ban for foreign governments for all Executive branch appointees
  12. Banned aid helping foreign countries provide abortions (Mexico City Policy)
  13. Formed Commission on voter fraud led by VP Pence
  14. Returned the mission of NASA to space exploration
  15. Installing aspects of extreme vetting at points of entry to the USA
  16. signed Two bills into Law on June 2nd that makes it easier for family members of slain LEO to get benefits and that helps hire Veterans as LEO
  17. Sec of VA is starting process to combine the DOD and VA medical records to improve Veteran’s health. Massive shift in government policy.
  18. Pushing a massive overhaul of our FAA Air Traffic control….
  19. House votes to roll back Dodd Frank goes to the Senate
  20. Senate votes for VA accountability act. Goes to House passed house 06/13/17 major victory for Trump agenda signed into law on 06/23/17
  21. Pushing an apprentice program to train skilled works to fill 6 million open positions.
  22. The U.S. Treasury Department unveiled a sweeping plan on Monday to upend the country’s financial regulatory framework, 80% of which will be done from the executive side and does not need Congress. MAGA!!!!!
  23. Signed EO to reshape the education system of the USA to include votech and apprenticeships
  24. Did away with rules requiring the Federal government to report on the Y2K bug 17 years after 2000.
  25. President Donald Trump signed an executive order creating an accountability and whistleblower protection office at the Department of Veterans Affairs.(04/ 27/2017)
  26. Sec Zinke moves to purge the Interior department of Obama holdovers (6/16/17 per Washington post)
  27. Energy Department eliminating the Office of International Climate and Technology
  28. 22 Federal agency task force formed to help the rural America fight regulations and lack of prosperity led by Sec Perdue
  29. Environmental Protection Agency has ended a nearly $1 million program that provided gym memberships for employees
  30. 5-0 in special elections (GA6 primary, KS, MT, GA6 final election, SC)
  31. Sec Kelly dropped many “Pro-Obama Islamic groups from funding” Groups that pushed for sharia law and closed muslim communities within the USA. (06/23/17 per breitbart)
  32. TRAVEL BAN upheld by SCOTUS by 9-0 ruling. Extreme vetting will now become law of the land.
  33. ScottPruitt signed #WOTUS proposed rule, supporting @POTUS order to restore the rule of law.
  34. Travel BAN now in full effect across the world. (06/29/17)
  35. Signed agreement to construct oil pipeline into Mexico
  36. Opening up LNG centers to ship LNG across the world (06/29/17)
  37. Introduced 6 point plan to unleash American energy (off shore, Nuclear, coal, NG,Oil, renewable) (06/29/17)
  38. President Trump Signs EO Reviving The National Space Council (06/30/17)
  39. Pentagon halts Obama’s transgender plan (07/01/17 per Breitbart)
  40. Sec Devos has stopped two Obama regulations from going into effect which would have harmed for profit colleges. The Gainful Employment rule and the Borrower Defense rule (06/30/17)
  41. On May 4th, 2017 Pres Trump signed the Religious Freedom EO ordering his admin among other things to not enforce the Johnson amendment.
  42. Reduced White House expenses by $22 million by reducing staffing levels from Obama levels. Doing more with less
  43. Donald Trump’s first-quarter salary donation will help fund the restoration of two projects at Antietam National Battlefield, Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Wednesday per Breitbart (07/05/117)

Immigration  Judges

  1. Secured funding for more immigration judges for deportation cases in 2017 budget

Law and Order & Public safety

  1. Commission On Opioid Crisis
  2. Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Crime
  3. Tackling International Cartels
  4. Authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States and around the world
  5. DOJ issues new sentencing guideline to enforce tougher laws on drug dealers
  6. DOJ stops Obama’s slush funds
  7. Massive raids on gangs going on across the nation
  8. More arrests for voter fraud in 2017 then anytime in recent history.
  9. DOJ and DHS ordered to take on transnational criminal gangs
  10. No tolerance for violence against LEO with a signed EO
  11. Fired FBI director who is and was a nutjob.
  12. Nominated Wray for FBI director
  13. Nominated 21 conservative judges to the federal court
  14. AG Sessions dismantling the Obama legal doctrine brick by brick at the DOJ per Bloomberg (06/29/17)
  15. Operation Broken Heart lead by the DOJ arrested over 1,012 sexual child predators across the nation bringing 69,000 cases against them. (06/28/17)
  16. AG Sessions has asked for an extra $26 million to hire 300 prosecutors
    devoted to gang violence and deportation cases per Bloomberg (06/29/17)
  17. DOJ drops case against the Washington Redskins (06/30/17) the era of
    Political correctness is over.
  18. AG Sessions condemned murder of NYPD on (07/05/17) calling the attack cowardly.

Helping women and minorities

  1. HBCU Initiative
  2. Canada-United States Council For The Advancement Of Women Entrepreneurs
  3. Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act
  4. Women And Space Exploration

Supreme Court

  1. Nominating And Confirming Gorsuch


  1. Proposed a $1 Trillion infrastructure project
  2. Stock Market at Historic Highs (as of 6/11/17 Dow up 16% NASDAQ up 19.5% since election day)
  3. US homes prices climb at fastest pace In 3 years per CNBC.
  4. Jobless claims hit 28 year low in Apr
  5. OPEC broken can no longer set prices due to USA energy production unleashed
  6. Secured $50 billion investment from Japan
  7. Secured $20 billion investment from Exxon in Gulf coast
  8. Gasoline at $1.95/gallon in Central NC (lowest price at this time of year since 2005 for entire US 06/30/17)
  9. Repealed 14 Obama regulations via CRA saving $ billions in costs to the economy
  10. Atlanta Fed sees 3.6% growth in 2nd qrt
  11. Federal debt is 130,455,438,424.64 billion LOWER since Dec 30th 2016 (as of 06/24/17) per treasurydirect.gov
  12. Federal surplus was $182 billion at end of Apr (unexpected)
  13. Consumer and business confidence at record highs
  14. North Dakota experiencing a boom since Dakota access pipeline finished (500,000 Barrels now flowing through pipeline per day)
  15. Keystone pipeline construction ongoing
  16. Mining, steel and oil/gas jobs booming
  17. Mines reopening
  18. 600,000+ JOBS created since Jan1st (per BLS) 800,000+ per ADP
  19. Directed Dep’t of Commerce to streamline Federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing
  20. Launched United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
  21. Cut 1.6 billion costs from Air Force one and F-35 airplanes.
  22. Regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies
  23. Making agencies cut 2 regulations for each new one.
  24. Saw the opening of the first NEW COAL MINE IN PA in YEARS creating 70 jobs at the mine and more than 400+ supporting jobs in the community. (06/10/17) Per foxnews.
  25. Coal for Central Appalachian coal has increased 8.95% this year. Increasing the economy for SE OH, SW PA, VA, MD and WVA
  26. Food Stamp spending is down almost $1 billion per month and $12 billion per year per USAD
  27. Coal mining rose 19% in USA for first 5 months per US energy Department
  28. 1st qrt GDP revised up to 1.4%
  29. USA now pumping 500k more barrels of oil per day since Dec 31st. Now at 9.3 million bpd. 3rd in the world only 1.2 million bdp behind Russia and Saudi Arabia
  30. USA is the world leader in natural gas production
  31. Institute for Supply Management says its manufacturing index rose to 57.8 last month from 54.9 in May. Anything above 50 signals that factory activity is increasing (07/03/17)
  32. 15 of 18 manufacturing industries posted growth in JUNE per ISM (07/03/17)
  33. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics for fiscal year (FY) 2017 show that food stamp enrollment decreased nationwide by 2.9 percent over the past year (07/05/17)

Stay informed with Real News

The White House YouTube Channelutube channel

White House  – Briefing Room – Presidential Actions

Why we need Border Controls

International Risk Assessment

We have provided  clear risk analysis related to the dangers associated with mass migration from countries with:-

  1. A high terrorism risk
  2. Corrupt and weak governments
  3. A unwillingness to share information on Extremists and Terrorists within their population
  4. Serious Drug trafficking problems (indicating corrupt and ineffective government)
  5. Serious Human trafficking problems (indicating corrupt and ineffective government)

The summary data of the International Risk Analysis is provided here

with greater detail at this link

In 2017, the world’s leading Risk Management Organisation has made it very clear that there is a definite likelihood of Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters infiltrating the mass migration into Europe and America.


Fragmented terror threat

Donald Trump’s border controls are legally progressing through Congress unlike the ILLEGAL Executive Orders issued by Obama.

You may be surprised how similar both Obama and Clinton were to the current President Trump Administration. The big difference being the both Obama and Clinton intentionally lied to the American people..

The potential for the import of Terrorists is much higher in 2017 than it was in 1996.

It is not merely Clinton who has propounded controlled borders.  Obama has been caught on video proposing identical controls that President Trump is now demanding.

This is a big Red Flag to all American voters – Do not believe or elect professional politicians as your President.

US “Joint Intelligence” Report on Russian Election Interference

To view embedded comments – Open PDF File in Adobe Reader
or click here for the Raw comments 

ICA Report with critique

“Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

  1. It is clear that the Russian administration preferred a Trump Presidency than a Clinton Presidency. This is NOT interfering in a US Presidential Election.
  2. The Russian State Controlled media RT (formerly Russia Today) legitimately expressed its Trump bias in the same way as ALL the American Mainstream Media expressed a bias for a Clinton Presidency.  Voice of America does the same as RT throughout the world.
  3. Direct Election interference by the Russian State remains a possibility – but remains theoretical and totally unproven.
    1.  Much greater interference from European sources opposed to the current incompetent leadership.
    2. It is proposed that Social media and Comment boards on all media – both Left leaning and Right leaning publications had a greater impact on the American voter than any Russian Media.
    3. The source of Podesta emails published by Wikileaks is very much disputed – and there is equal evidence that the source could have been inside the DNC, unprovable since this source was murdered before he could speak to the FBI.It seems that another suspect whose identity is unknown other than a “Pen name” – Guccifer 2.0., and seemingly identified as a Romanian, until the intelligence agencies set out to disprove this and give Guccifer 2.0 an “accredited” Russian Identity.  Incidentally, the Romanians universally hate the Russians, therefore Guccifer 2.0 could not remain “Romanian”.
  4. The Joint Intelligence report fails to identify specific events together with dates and occurrences of Russian interference in the Presidential Electoral Process.
  5. The Joint intelligence report makes reference Russian interference being triggered by Clinton having a purported lead in the run up to the election.
    1. The Intelligence agencies fail to recognise that Trump had established an unassailable lead by the beginning of September that had surged further during the second half of September and then maintained until election day.
    2. Full details of a daily tracking poll (national digital poll) are available here.

Report is based on flawed Judgements

Thank You Donald for your Great Success


Email received Wednesday November 9 @ 12.09am EST



They said we could never do it.

Last night we learned that America is still a beacon of hope where the impossible is possible.

But last night you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.

You fought like a winner, you defied all odds, and history will forever remember the role you played in taking our country back.

I never could’ve done it without you, Richard.

For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.

I REFUSE to accept that it can’t be done. This is the country that declared its independence, won two world wars, and landed a man on the moon. This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.

Now it’s time to start uniting our country and binding the wounds of our divided nation. I promise to be a president for ALL Americans. I will work for you. I will fight for you. And I will win for you.

You will soon remember what it’s like to win as an American.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump



All of the Developed World owes you a Yuuge Thank you.  We appreciate your extraordinary stamina, will to win and clear presentation of your plans to Make America Great Again.

Congratulations on successfully winning the election and becoming the next President of the United States of America.

America and the entire developed World is in your Debt.


Richard Prior


As usual the full extent of the People’s vote behind you is covered up by the Poisonous Propaganda Press.

This Map from the Washington Post shows that America is Red with a few Blue dots mainly in Sanctuary cities.