Why the President Won the Election

  1. The Policy Agenda
  2. The Delivery of Keynote Speeches
  3. The Sheer Charisma of Donald Trump
  4. The dynamic Connection with ‘We the People’
  5. The Election Management Team led by Steve Bannon

Voting for President Trump’s Representatives and Senators brings you the voter the Government that you deserve and CONTROL

If you vote for the Democrats you will get a Totalitarian Dictatorship that will destroy the country.

Polling record – September 4 to November 6 2016

Online Approval Poll
How am I doing for you?



Presidential Race Polls – Too many had zero validity

It is about time the media stopped giving credence to small sample polls.

Why – Look at the fiasco of almost daily polling leading up to Brexit.

Recent history – Examining Polls leading up to Britain’s EU Referendum. All of the MSM presented small sample polls that seemed to confirm that the Government sponsored “Remain” result was comfortably leading BUT an online poll with a sample size of 907,000 indicated a 65% win for “Leave”.

Have a look @ The Daily Telegraph Article leading up to Brexit

These are the results of the almost 1 million sample sized Poll

The Daily Telegraph controlled mass Vote duplication by restricting voting to Digital Subscribers of this online Newspaper.

Now America has its own version that uses the largest possible data sample – The State voter registration data – Now an Analyst company with a web address – www.longroom.com produced a statistically valid proposition that the published Presidential Polls were biased.

Now, I found their claim interesting enough to examine more closely their methodology. BUT the site has now been taken down – no surprises here – you can, however, see the results of removing the bias from a wide number unprofessional pollsters – here

VoteforthePresidentOnline Online Interactive Poll


6 thoughts on “Why the President Won the Election


    MR.DONALD TRUMP will become the next PRESIDENT OF THE
    US irrespective of what PSEPHOLOGISTS say.

    THE reason is simple.

    LARGER number of AMERICANS want to settle the score with
    others and they firmly believe that MR.DONALD TRUMP will
    be able to do the job on their behalf.

    Settling the score is order of the day .

    WE saw such a situation in the UK on 23rd JUNE 2016.

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  2. Very nice website. I ran across you from a reference you made in the comments section of Breitbart News. I sincerely hope you are the exception to the performance I saw in the 2016 pre-election poll results. From what I see of your website, it appears that you are. 2018 is your big shot — just imagine all the elections that each give you an opportunity to show your expertise!


    1. Politics and Politicians worldwide appear to be taking decisions totally against the beliefs of their voters.

      These actions would be less critical if these politicians had the knowledge, intellect and experience to take such decisions.

      Thank you for your comment about my website that is merely a means of disseminating some of my thoughts.

      Having spent over 15 years flying around the world as a Financial Markets Consultant for Price Waterhouse. there seem to be too many political decisions taken that are against the best interests of the countries that take them.


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