Month: October 2016

Do Not Let USA follow Europe

Uncontrolled Mass Immigration (Adults only)

If this Video has been taken down – search YouTube for –
“Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations”  or you can contact me on Twitter, & I will upload a copy.





Do Not Let America go DOWN THE DRAIN like Europe – Click for the Video





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IQ Comparison – Presidents & Candidates


An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. The IQ score is something people often talk about, but an IQ is not everything, and there are some surprising results when looking at some famous people’s IQs.

Bill Gates is reported to have an IQ of 160, which beats out most of the nation. Where as President Barack Obama meanwhile is reported to have an IQ of 130, which just beats out former President George W Bush, whose IQ was 125. However, both fall short of former President Bill Clinton whose IQ is reportedly 148. On a side note, Hillary Clinton is slightly lower than her husband with an IQ of 140.

Meanwhile, iconic President John F. Kennedy only had an IQ of 117, and Richard Nixon reportedly had an IQ of 131.


Why the President Won the Election

  1. The Policy Agenda
  2. The Delivery of Keynote Speeches
  3. The Sheer Charisma of Donald Trump
  4. The Election Management Team led by Steve Bannon

Watch the Bannon Interview – It reveals the Chemistry between The President & Steve Bannon


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The Independent Poll that we were using as a Tracking Poll throughout September has succumbed to outside influences and totally removed Duplicate Vote control.

I have replaced this Poll with the provider of the Daily Telegraph Poll that most accurately forecast the Brexit result for the entire 6 month period leading up to June 23rd.


Nigel Farage on Political Polls


I think there were two phenomenons here. I think the first is that on telephone polls, particularly, people are nervous to come across as being too conservative, too socially conservative.

So, you know, we’ve seen in the last few years in Britain opinion polls getting it wrong because people aren’t quite telling the truth on the telephone.

But there’s another phenomenon here. And frankly, the polling industry in Europe — I mean, frankly, it’s almost bankrupt in terms of its reputation. And I wonder whether we’re seeing the same phenomenon in America.

What I’m talking about is the polling companies find it really hard to find people who are outside of politics and who are now coming into politics.

And that’s why the opinion polls over Brexit were wrong, although I do admit I suffered myself from a bout of eleventh-hour nerves.