Month: January 2017

Why is Mueller permitted to steal from Taxpayers

It is crystal clear that America’s elections are managed on a State by State system that is impenetrable to digital interference.

There is no indication of foreign government interference targeting either voters or vote processing systems that in any way influenced the election result.

All of this was established no later than November 2016.

The appointment of Mueller to review election misconduct was not merely superfluous but criminal.

It is high time that the Supreme court intervened in the monkey business that Mueller is heading up.

“Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

  1. It is clear that the Russian administration preferred a Trump Presidency than a Clinton Presidency. This is NOT interfering in a US Presidential Election.
  2. The Russian State Controlled media RT (formerly Russia Today) legitimately expressed its Trump bias in the same way as ALL the American Mainstream Media expressed a bias for a Clinton Presidency.  Voice of America does the same as RT throughout the world.
  3. Direct Election interference by the Russian State remains a possibility – but remains theoretical and totally unproven.
    1.  Much greater interference from European sources opposed to the current incompetent leadership.
    2. It is proposed that Social media and Comment boards on all media – both Left leaning and Right leaning publications had a greater impact on the American voter than any Russian Media.
    3. The source of Podesta emails published by Wikileaks is very much disputed – and there is equal evidence that the source could have been inside the DNC, unprovable since this source was murdered before he could speak to the FBI.It seems that another suspect whose identity is unknown other than a “Pen name” – Guccifer 2.0., and seemingly identified as a Romanian, until the intelligence agencies set out to disprove this and give Guccifer 2.0 an “accredited” Russian Identity.  Incidentally, the Romanians universally hate the Russians, therefore Guccifer 2.0 could not remain “Romanian”.
  4. The Joint Intelligence report fails to identify specific events together with dates and occurrences of Russian interference in the Presidential Electoral Process.
  5. The Joint intelligence report makes reference Russian interference being triggered by Clinton having a purported lead in the run up to the election.
    1. The Intelligence agencies fail to recognise that Trump had established an unassailable lead by the beginning of September that had surged further during the second half of September and then maintained until election day.
    2. Full details of a daily tracking poll (national digital poll) are available here.

Report is based on flawed Judgements