Republican Members of Congress who have excessively sided with Liberal Issues (RINOs)

Vague accusations of Republican Members of Congress as being RINOs is not enough for their voters to decide to re-elect them or NOT.

Firstly, as a Republican Voter, you have voted to elect President Trump.

The President has not been supported by a large number of GOP Members of Congress who have time after time blocked legislation  passing through Congress.

The Members of Congress  defence of their actions is to say that they do not agree with the President’s Policy Agenda.


The President’s Policy Agenda was voted for by YOU the Voter when you elected Donald Trump and therefore your Senate Representative is not properly representing you the Republican Voter.  In fact he or she is a traitor to You.

Source:- The Conservative Review

11 thoughts on “Republican Members of Congress who have excessively sided with Liberal Issues (RINOs)

    1. Barry, You are quite right but Ryan as Leader of the House is part of the McConnell gang of Liberal voters.
      Voting record not as bad as some – but definitely unrepresentative of conservative voters
      Liberal – 23
      Conservative – 19

      Who do you think will be the Bannon approved candidate to take out Cory.

      Thank you for your comment re: Ryan – i will put this another way to avoid confusion



      Have updated the Named and Shamed list of Liberal Senators.
      The list of approved candidates is still not set in stone. Utah for example may select Mitt Romney as a candidate – if so, Boyd Matheson may withdraw. We remain flexible.

      Who in Colorado might run against Cory? Steve Barlock & George Brauchler appear short listed but only one can win the Governor position.

      Do you have any inside information.


  1. Not every so-called “conservative” piece of legislation should be supported. Too many of them have carve-outs for special interests, buddies, companies, etc. While some on this list are indeed deserving of the RINO tag, others are too close to call. I think a cross check with the ACU is warranted on some of these folks.


    1. Thanks for your comment Joe

      the list of GOP traitors to conservative voters is compiled on the basis of their voting record on Conservatives issues. I believe that the voters have every right to expect that their representatives give two thirds of their votes to conservative issues.

      Even more important is the removal from Congress or the Senate of any representative that does not support bilateral trading policies as defined by the president.

      it is my opinion that Congress and the Senate have a function of creating fair and balanced lawmaking based on the policy agenda adopted by the electorate.


  2. My Senator, John Cornyn is a RINO Extreme! And now the man begs for $$$ to fund a possible fight against scumbag Robert Francis O’Rourke, etc. I ended up donating to Cornyn because he’s the lesser of two evils! Thank God Texas still has Senator Cruz. He’s not perfect, but he’s very very good, imo.

    I swear we absolutely need new Patriot blood in the Senate, but no one seems to want to displace Cornyn! Ugh!


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