Mid Term Elections are critical to prevent Obstruction by DNC

Conservative voters – Now is the time to influence these candidates to properly represent your adopted Policy Agenda in the Senate and Congress.

Contractually would be ideal and it will be possible in the future to guarantee that We the People  are properly represented by those we elect to serve us.

The following list of Senators, both Republican and Democrat has identified which Senators truly represent their Voters. NOT ONE Single traitor to their voters amongst Democrat Senators – BUT not the same story for Republican Senators.

It is time that the Conservatives of “We the People” selected members of Congress who support our adopted Policy.

This is THE LIST that will help you the voter decide from whom you need to obtain Voting commitment letter requiring your representative to vote for a minimum percentage of your adopted Policy Agenda – The Trump Policy Agenda that you voted for.

The following Republican Representatives & Senators DO NOT represent their Conservative Voters who have adopted the Policy Agenda of President Trump.

Conservatives MUST obtain a commitment LETTER from Candidates to support their chosen Policy Agenda with a MINIMUM of 67% of the Votes in the House & Senate OR they commit to step down and resign. Plus support of Bi-Lateral Trade Agreements is MANDATORY.

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