Mid Term Elections are critical to prevent Obstruction by DNC

Conservative voters – Now is the time to influence these candidates to properly represent your adopted Policy Agenda in the Senate and Congress.

Contractually would be ideal and it will be possible in the future to guarantee that We the People  are properly represented by those we elect to serve us.

The following list of Senators, both Republican and Democrat has identified which Senators truly represent their Voters. NOT ONE Single traitor to their voters amongst Democrat Senators – BUT not the same story for Republican Senators.

It is time that the Conservatives of “We the People” selected members of Congress who support our adopted Policy.

This is THE LIST that will help you the voter decide from whom you need to obtain Voting commitment letter requiring your representative to vote for a minimum percentage of your adopted Policy Agenda – The Trump Policy Agenda that you voted for.

Here is a list of Candidates that emerge from the Primaries.


Indiana Senate – Mike Braun (R) vs Joe Donnelly (D) – Current Poll

Indiana House 1st – Mark Leyva (R) vs Peter J. Visclosky (D)
Indiana House 2nd – Jackie Walorski (R) vs Mel Hall (D)
Indiana House 3rd – Jim Banks (R) vs Courtney Tritch (D)
Indiana House 4th – Jim Baird (R) vs Tobi Beck (D)
Indiana House 5th – Susan W. Brooks (R) vs Dee Thornton (D)
Indiana House 6th – Greg Pence (R) vs Jeannine Lake (D)
Indiana House 7th – Wayne Harmon (R) vs André Carson (D)
Indiana House 8th – Larry Bucshon (R) vs William Tanoos (D)

Indiana House 9th – Trey Hollingsworth (R) – Liz Watson (D)

North Carolina

N. Carolina House 1st – Roger Allison (R) vs G.K. Butterfield (D)
N. Carolina House 2nd – George Holding (R) vs Linda Coleman (D)
N. Carolina House 3rd – Walter B. Jones (R) vs Linda Coleman (D)
N. Carolina House 4th – Steve Von Loor (R) vs David E. Price (D)
N. Carolina House 5th – Virginia Foxx (R) vs D.D. Adams (D)
N. Carolina House 6th – Mark Walker (R) vs Ryan Watts (D)
N. Carolina House 7th – David Rouzer (R) vs Kyle Horton (D)
N. Carolina House 8th – Richard Hudson (R) vs Frank McNeill (D)
N. Carolina House 9th – Mark Harris (R) vs Dan McCready (D)
N. Carolina House 10th – Patrick T. McHenry (R) vs David Brown (D)
N. Carolina House 11th – Mark Meadows (R) vs Phillip Price (D)
N. Carolina House 12th – Paul Wright (R) vs Alma Adams (D)
N. Carolina House 13th – Ted Budd (R) vs Kathy Manning (D)


Ohio Senate – Jim Renacci (R) vs Sherrod Brown (D) – Current Poll

Ohio House 1st – Steve Chabot (R) vs Aftab Pureval (D)
Ohio House 2nd – Brad Wenstrup (R) vs Jill Schiller (D)
Ohio House 3th – Jim Burgess (R) vs Joyce Beatty (D)
Ohio House 4th – Jim Jordan (R) vs Janet Garrett (D)
Ohio House 5th – Bob Latta (R) vs Michael Galbraith (D)
Ohio House 6th – Bill Johnson (R) vs Shawna Roberts (D)
Ohio House 7th – Bob Gibbs (R) vs Ken Harbaugh (D)
Ohio House 8th – Warren Davidson (R) vs Vanessa Enoch (D)
Ohio House 9th – Steven Kraus (R) vs Marcy Kaptur (D)
Ohio House 10th – Michael R. Turner (R) vs Theresa Gasper (D)
Ohio House 11th – Beverly Goldstein (R) vs Marcia L. Fudge (D)
Ohio House 12th – Troy Balderson (R) vs Danny O’Connor (D)
Ohio House 13th – Chris DePizzo (R) vs Tim Ryan (D)
Ohio House 14th – David Joyce (R) vs Betsy Rader (D)
Ohio House 15th – Steve Stivers (R) vs Rick Neal (D)
Ohio House 16th – Anthony Gonzalez (R) vs Susan Moran Palmer (D)

West Virginia

W. Virginia – Senate – Patrick Morrissey (R) vs Joe Manchin (D) – Current Poll

W. Virginia – House 1st – David McKinley (R) vs Kendra Fershee (D)
W. Virginia – House 2nd – Alex Mooney (R) vs Talley Sergent (D)
W. Virginia – House 3rd – Carol Miller (R) vs Richard Ojeda (D)

Now see how your selected Senate candidates are Polling against their Democrat opponents.


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