International Risk Assessment

The Rationale for in-depth Vetting of Immigrants (click for analysis)

A clear understanding must be gained into the background of each and every immigrant prior to rewarding settlement rights into every country on earth.

What are the risks that need to be evaluated in each case:-

  1. Has the applicant ever had any involvement with or support of terrorist activities.
  2. Does the country of origin have reliable criminal record information that may indicate whether the applicant is a person of ‘good standing’.
  3. Does the Country of origin of the applicant have well developed criminal records BUT is unwilling to share this information with the immigrant’s chosen country.
  4. Does the country of origin have any history of Human Trafficking
  5. Does the country of origin have any history of Drug Trafficking
  6. Is the immigrant prepared to fully integrate into the culture, and laws of the selected country

International Terrorism Risk
Increased personal vetting of immigration applications is required in direct relation to the terrorism risk of the country of origin of the individual.

Where migrant applications are made from high risk countries whose governments are less than co-operative or able to provide information about their citizens, then all visa / travel processing must be carried out ahead of ANY travel to the country offering asylum.

Risk Assessment
– Terror assessment
– Strength of National criminal record data
– National co-operation to share criminal record data
– Migrant populations by Country
– Terrorism Ranking by Country
– Membership of Global Centre for Combating extremism & Terrorism

From this Risk Assessment, the output is a list of Countries where migrant vetting requires very detailed overview & in some cases where Migrants Countries of Origin decline to share information or have limited criminal information for their population, then temporary immigration bans must be applied.

Data Sources are provided in the primary table

One of the world’s leading coalitions in the fight against both Extremism and Terrorism is the ISLAMIC MILITARY COUNTER TERRORISM COALITION

The sharing of Information with American Intelligence sources is yet to be proven. This organisation has the potential to contribute strongly to the reduction of International Risk.

Islamic Military Alliance.svg
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