London – One of the world’s most Dangerous Cities

Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London

Incompetent? and/or a Liar?

BUT Reality paints a very different picture

Parts of London have been declared No-Go areas.

Delivery drivers have branded large parts of London “no-go zones” in which acid attacks and rampant knife crime have made them too fearful to work.

The frequency of assaults using corrosive liquid in the city — officially the world capital of reported acid attacks — has left drivers choosing to take a big pay cut rather than braving dangerous areas of London at night.

Sadiq Khan is Outvoted – Incompetent London Mayor
As a European Smart Transport and Smart City consultant, my opinion is that Sadiq is clearly NO Technocrat.  London needs a Technocrat as Mayor & NOT a Politician from either the Left or the Right.


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