NATO Military Spending in 2016

European Nations need to get their act together if they are to remain Members of NATO and need to ignore the recalcitrant views of Juncker, the EU President.

The Left wing media do not do their job, which is to identify major world issues, present the facts and information that is readily available.

Here is data that is as up to date as it is possible to achieve, based on the last available data for GDP,  NATO Published %age contribution of NATO members to the Target Defense Expenditure (coordinated by NATO in terms of Equipment).

NATO – Percentage of GDP expended on Defense Budget
IMF –     GDP Data for 2016

Europe must stay with NATO to ensure its future security.
It is the most powerful combined Armed Forces in the World.
BUT Members must pay their dues or step out.

An EU Army starts from scratch. No organisation to bind the individual Armed Forces of each Nation. The outcome would be a vastly inferior security measure for the nations of Europe.

Also, remember that the EU would have great difficulty in organising a piss-up in a Brewery the Beers  would need to pass brewing regulations and decisions of 28 nations.

The EU is an over regulated, bloated & inefficient decision maker and could never manage a European Defence Force efficiently.