Obama and Democrats – Liars & Hypocrites on Illegal Surveillance & “Rigged Elections”

In October 2016, Obama and all his acolytes, filled the media with their denials of the slightest possibility of a Rigged Election.

The Democrats argued that it was totally impossible to rig a US Presidential Election.

The United States lacks a national election commission; instead, 13,000 independent local entities manage elections without uniform procedures.

There is no possibility that a few Russian trolls could exert influence over these diverse independent election authorities.

  1. The total  impossibility of Russian Interference in the Election Process has been reiterated time, time and again by Obama, the Media  and many Democrat politicians most scornfully prior to November 8th 2016.
    After the election of President Trump, Obama and the entire Media and all Democrat voters reversed their views on the possibility of election rigging without any evidence to change such views.
  2. The use of Russian trolls, who were undoubtedly active on Comment boards and Social Media, is a complete Red Herring.  The likelihood of any American voter being influenced by Trolls of whatever nationality to vote for a specific Presidential candidate is entirely ludicrous.
  3. There is no evidence of ANY collusion between:
    1. The Trump electoral team and representatives of the Russian Government WHO WERE ACCUSED OF ATTEMPTING TO illegally manipulate the election results.
    2. Any appointed member of the President’s administrative team appointed after the November 8th election.
    3. The Directors of the Intelligence Agencies were unable to agree on the findings presented in the “Intelligence Community Assessment” report dated 6 January 2017 and analysed here.  Of these Agencies, Brennan, Clapper and Comey disagreed with the NSA Director regarding the conclusions of the report.  It was the NSA that brought most of the detailed analysis to the participating agencies and the above mentioned Obama appointed Directors of Intelligence Agencies and the FBI attempted to get the uncooperative Director of the NSA, Admiral Rogers, fired from his position for non-compliance with the plot to accuse President of collusion with the Russian Administration.
    4. The subsequent Surveillance scandal of Trump Tower:-
      1. Before the November 8 election date.
      2. After the election date until the inauguration of Donald Trump
      3. Post 20 January inauguration. -The continued surveillance order until the end February 2017 – A Treasonable offense.
      4. The Denials of such widespread surveillance was illegal and treasonous, especially as the surveillance was ordered by Obama without ANY legal basis for doing so.  Such surveillance scheduled to continue after the inauguration of President Trump is sufficient to indict Obama for Treasonous actions.
      5. The co-opting of a Foreign Intelligence Agency to provide surveillance of Trump Tower, as ordered (and denied) by Obama and Susan Rice is a matter of extreme concern, since this surveillance was ordered to be maintained after the inauguration of President Trump. 

Look up Project Fulsome – click here

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The actions of the former President together with all Democrat Senators and House Representatives are seditious, and should be subject to a wide number of indictments including Department of Justice, Directors of the Intelligence Agencies and any and every person that conspired to commit seditious acts against the President of the United States.



FBI head ‘incredulous’ at Trump wiretapping tweets: report



Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false!