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Richard Prior

Richard Prior
Richard Prior

Former Price Waterhouse (MCS UK) Manager

Consultant to :Stock Exchanges / Financial Markets / Smart Cities Smart Transport / Energy  Companies / Governments


A strategic management consultant who has spent the last 25 years working  as a consultant with Price Waterhouse and as joint CEO of Energy Investments & Finance. Richard has a strong background in energy, finance, banking, technology and market economies and has advised governments across the world in all the above disciplines.
Extensive knowledge gained through assignments in Europe, North America, China, SE Asia and Australasia.  Within Central and Eastern Europe, projects have been undertaken in Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan for Price Waterhouse and PHARE, European Bank of Reconstruction & Development, Siemens, and other multinational groups.
Energy Market
Skills and experience range from the development of Energy Projects to provision of consultancy services to leading Energy Developers, restructuring of large scale Utility companies, long term business strategies, change management.  Management and consulting skills have been acquired over the last 30 years in the course of varied work conducted as a Senior Manager with Price Waterhouse (PW) European Financial Services practice, and as managing director of an Energy services and consultancy group.  Projects have been conducted throughout Western and Eastern Europe, USA, the Middle East and the Far East.

Smart Transport / Smart Cities

Developed a strategy for Bucharest and all Romanian Counties in 2014-2015.

Worked with The Administrations of Counties / Cities and Captial City including Metro Network (Underground Railway), RATB – Intra city transport in Bucharest and CFR (National Romanian Railways)

Real Estate