Seth Rich Murder

A Robbery gone wrong?

The DNC is actively engaged in the strangulation of the Seth Rich murder case.

  1. WHY did a squad of “Law Enforcement Officers”  invade the Hospital where Seth Rich was RECOVERING IN ICU?
  2. Who ordered them to Seth Rich’s bedside in ICU?
  3. What was the pretext of LEOs invading Washington Hospital Centre, if this was one of many robberies in Washington DC?
  4. Who were the LEOs, they must have provided IDs when they first entered the Washington Hospital Centre
  5. What happened to Seth Rich’s Computer and the data on it that an unidentified FBI agent confirmed that a precise number of emails and attachments had been sent to Wikileaks?
  6. Who has this Laptop now or Has it been destroyed?
  7. Equally disturbing is why Clinton & DNCs PR Company is involved in attempting to silence the outcry against the premature shutdown of the murder investigation?

Far too many unexplained events leading up to the Seth death in hospital when deprived of Medical Treatment by a squad of Law Enforcement Officers.

If Law Enforcement Officers “guard” a Criminal / Prisoner in Hospital, it is normal that they do NOT enter the ward occupied by such person BUT wait outside such ward.

Seth Rich has been murdered under suspicious circumstances & Police cannot cover up the fact that it was NOT a robbery gone wrong.

Start with the Resident Surgeon who was denied access to ICU after operating on Mr. Rich.

Denial of treatment of a seriously BUT NOT mortally injured patient is a crime of murder in itself if the patient dies.

Who ordered a team of LEOs to shut down the ICU in the Washington Hospital Centre until Seth Rich was dead. This WAS NOT a normal post robbery occurrence.

A member of the FBI has admitted off the record that communications with a Director of Wikileaks were found on Seth Rich’s Laptop relating to the transfer of a precise number of emails and attachments – Google “FBI source 44,053 emails and and 17,761 attachments”

As at 18 May there are 4,330 search results (on June 1st over 14,000) for the above Google Search request.

SO, if the FBI have been sitting on this information for over 310 days after the murder of Seth Rich. This would seem to be a major crime in itself, since the world has been falsely led to believe that Russian sources hacked the DNC.

Finally – Why is the PR company that represents the Clintons & DNC even associated with the Murder enquiry of Seth Rich.

Too many unexplained elements to the death of Seth Rich not to be fully investigated until solved.

One way or another, the murderers must be made to pay regardless of the political consequences if these exist.