Trump Wiretapping / Bugging Claims

6th March 2017

Confirmed – The British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)was involved.

27th February 2018

The proof that Obama & the Media have lied to the people about their illegal and in the final months traitorous actions against President Trump

US Defence watch on NSA – GCHQ Partnership in surveillance

Opinion of Author – Former Price Waterhouse Management Consultant
[Advising Central Banks & Governments throughout the world and in particular, contributing to a rise in prosperity of China following an assignment to help the Beijing Government prevent a financial meltdown in 1991.]

  1. The President has determined that a credible source has revealed purported bugging surveillance put in place by the Obama administration, DoJ & Intelligence Agencies – ALL of whom reported to Obama.
  2. It is NOT the function or duty of a sitting President to provide proof of such claims.  It IS the obligation of the President to require a full and detailed analysis and verification of such claims to be conducted by the DoJ with his appointed Attorney General heading up the investigation.
  3. It is time for the biased Media to be quiet on this issue until a full report is compiled.

    Possible –
    Reported British Government Collusion with Surveillance of Trump Tower

  4. Update 14 March 2017

    3 sources are claiming that the surveillance and the leaks were not provided by any of the American Intelligence Agencies BUT by the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

    1. GCHQ certainly has the capability to monitor all Global communications AND provide transcripts of such calls.
    2. Only those with the highest level of classifications outside Britain’s security services would be provided with access to such information. (Obama would qualify)
    3. Strangely co-incidental is the abrupt and unexpected resignation of the Senior Civil Servant running GCHQ. Robert Hannigan – Head of GCHQ resigned (or was he fired) on 23 January – ONLY 4 days before Theresa May met President Trump on 27 January.Did Robert Hannigan fall on his sword or was he pushed.
    4. Clapper & Brennan, both Obama appointees, have a cloud of suspicion hanging over them concerning their efforts to replace the Director of the NSA, Admiral Rogers, who met with Trump at the height of the Clapper – Brennan conspiracy.  A conclusion can be drawn that Admiral Rogers refused to use NSA SIGINT resources to illegally surveil the entire Trump Organisation.
    5. Theresa May could not risk the scandal that would occur if  President Trump uncovered evidence (after their meeting on January 27) of GCHQ colluding with the previous President.  The resulting scandal would shake the relationship between the 2 countries and be calamitous for the bi-lateral trade agreements that have yet to be put in place between the US  & UK.

If the allegations turn out to be true, the scandal of the century is about to break ………………….  but will both US & UK Governments be successful at putting a lid on this story.

The GCHQ Letter requesting permission to surveil Trump Tower

Author’s Note:-  Bugging of communications is commonplace and is not necessarily applied ONLY by the Government Intelligence Agencies.  In the case of GCHQ, no bugging or special surveillance is necessary for all calls from a specified source to be recorded and transcripts made – IT IS WHAT BOTH GCHQ AND NSA DO.

I was a Telecommunications specialist who worked for Price Waterhouse management consultants &  whose team advised 2 Prime Ministers. Led investigations into Blackmail of 2 American Companies, Heinz and Mars, using advanced telecommunications technology to track the Blackmailers through tracking software on ATMs.

My understanding of the capabilities of Government and Private Telecommunications systems is fairly advanced to the level of being conducted around the Chinese equivalent to GCHQ whilst on assignment in Beijing.

Control Risks, the security company co-founded by my cousin had a division that regularly swept the offices of global corporations for electronic surveillance devices.  If the President did not trust his own intelligence agencies, Control Risks have their Washington office at the intersection of K Street and 16th Street – 580 yds from the White House.

Was Theresa May the confidential whistle blower in this case.

Denials from GCHQ prove nothing. Statements of Denial should come from the Prime Minister herself.

GCHQ is in partnership with the NSA and both monitor ALL Global telecommunications (SIGINT).

The questions that must be answered by GCHQ are:-

  1. Were transcripts made of any calls into or out of Trump Tower during the last 12 months? and have any such call transcripts been transmitted to ANY other party.
  2. Denials of Surveillance / Bugging can be easily give Plausible Deniability, since GCHQ has the capability to record telephone conversations from the high bandwidth intercontinental optical fibre infrastructure, and their actions are NOT wire tapping or surveillance per se.
  3. WHY did Robert Hannigan really resign?”The timing of Robert Hannigan’s resignation being so close to Theresa May’s visit to the White House makes this a necessity. There must have been documented inter-governmental communications about Hannigan’s resignation well before January 23. These communications MUST be released.

Denials from GCHQ prove nothing. GCHQ in partnership with the NSA monitor ALL Global telecommunications (SIGINT).

The question that must be answered by GCHQ is:-
“Were transcripts made of any calls into or out of Trump Tower during the last 12 months?
WHY did Robert Hannigan really resign?”

The timing of Robert Hannigan’s resignation being so close to Theresa May’s visit to the White House makes this a necessity. 

Update 29 January 2018

NOW – There are documented inter-governmental communications about Hannigan’s resignation dated January 23. 

A Letter has now been published widely on the Web with the following Text:-

Copy here


Richard Hannigan
A3a, Hubble Road
Gloucestershire GL51 OEX

GCHQ References: A /7238/6547/12

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Foreign
& Commonwealth Affairs


1. On 28 August 2016, GCHQ/CSO filed for permission to execute Project FULSOME at the request of the US President, seeking intelligence gathering into the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., both located at 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA. Activities include foreign and US domestic signals collection, in regards to communications with Russian hostile actors.

2. IOCCO approved FULSOME on 15 September 2016, allowing 90 days of initial SIGINT gathering, with the potential for renewal, should the situation allow. This memo’s purpose is to request a 90 day renewal of FULSOME’s original charter, withfurther potential for renewal, thereafter.

3. Since FULSOME’s start, a clear pattern of actionable leads have accrued, both from the Trump campaign itself, from former M15 agent Michael Steele, and from others (see fig. 1-7 in attachment).

4. US National Security Advisor Rice has requested that we continue our surveillance, during the transition period, as internal US intelligence is potentially compromised by the incoming Trump administration. 5. For these reasons, we are requesting that FULSOME’s charter be renewed for another 90 days.

Robert Hannigan
Director, GCHQ