Various Approval & Opinion Polls

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Trump Approval Polls 

  • 2017 –  April   – Approval @ 60%
  • 2018 – March – Approval @ 84%


Obama Approval Polls – as at 2 April – 1 June

  • 2017 – April   – Obama  disapproval rating @ 70%
  • 2018 – March – Obama  disapproval rating @ 87%



Charlotteville – What caused the Riots

White extremists alone or Left Wing Anarchists mingling with licensed Rally

c_ville poll

North Korea threatens a Preemptive Nuclear Strike

Should the President wait until North Korea makes the first strike?
Should President Trump make the First Strike?

Nuclear Poll

Opinion Polls

15 April – 93% Voted to deport ALL illegal migrants


15 April – 100% Voted for Extreme vetting for Migrants from high risk countries.


1 June – 100% voted to excise terror from our land.

Sadiq Khan is Outvoted – Incompetent London Mayor


Gun Ownership Issue – The 2nd Amendment

What is your opinion?  Record your Vote NOW

2nd amendment poll


A window on the heart of the President.  This is a glimpse of the Real Donald Trump 20 yrs ago on BBC Hard Talk with Tim Sebastian. This is a short video that everyone should watch, whether they are a supporter or not.

Your opinions matter more than any Fake Pollster.